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Mother with Son and Daughter
© 1999 John A. Lind
  • Olympus OM-4
  • 50mm f/1.2 Zuiko (MC)
  • Kodak Kodachrome 64
  • Exposure data not recorded
  • Hobson's Bluffdale, Eldred, Illinois, June 1999
  • Took this candid of my sister with her son and daughter on a small foot bridge.  Normally I use the small Rollei 35S for candids and not the Olympus SLR, but it's what I had in my hands at the time.  Not a spectacular photograph, but saw how her son was framed by my sisters legs and that I could position my sister and her son at the upper left, split the image vertically using the bridge railing and put her daughter in the lower right and took the shot.  Note the hidden leading lines from my sister (and her son) looking at her daughter which connects the split image together.

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