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Drill Practice
  • Olympus OM-4
  • 35-105mm f/3.5~4.5 Zuiko Zoom
  • Kodachrome 64
  • Exposure not recorded
  • Koh-Koh-Mah Foster Living History Encapment, near Kokomo, Indiana, September, 2001
  • Ever had a desire to be transported back in time? This is what a "living history encampment" does over a long weekend. People dress, work and live as people would have for the encampment's stated time period. Those playing roles in "first person" encamp overnight throughout the event. Visitors (like me) may wander the encampent and interact with those playing roles during daylight hours. Unlike many of these that are set in the 1770's (revolutionary war period) or the 1860's (civil war period), this one is set circa 1750, just before the French and Indian War in colonial North America. This is about the time Kokomo, Indiana was established as a town. These are French soldiers and marines, dressed in uniforms of that period, being drilled by a sergeant on a small field at the encampment. All the drill commands were "period" and were given in French. Soldiers and some marines would be encountered occasionally in the wilderness. They conducted wilderness exploration, enforced laws, provided some security for settlers, and were an official presence of the government claiming the territories. The 35-105 lens was ideal for shooting this event during daylight.

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