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In Awe of Nature
© 1998 John A. Lind
  • Olympus OM-4
  • 50mm f/1.8 Zuiko
  • Kodak Kodachrome 64
  • Exposure data not recorded
  • Anna Ruby Falls, Helen, Georgia, August 1998
  • This is one of my favorite photos also.  The position of the girl (she's a first cousin once removed) follows the "rule of thirds" with the railing leading to her from two directions.  This helps her stand out more as her clothing color does not contrast highly with the scene.  The falls is very much centered and would have been better if it was a little farther to the right, but the platform I was on wouldn't allow it.  I was already at the edge and hanging over the railing.  She adds scaling and a "hidden" leading line to the falls by not only looking up at it, but by standing on the lower rail.  Her posture is almost one of wanting to climb over to the falls.  She was looking at the falls like this when I started to set up the shot.  This was another that just looked "right."  Then she saw me, climbed down and turned to face me in the typical tourist pose.  I told her to go back to where she was looking at the falls and made the shot.

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