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You will only see this page on entering through the Complete Gallery Index.  Images are best viewed in 32-bit color (24-bit is OK too) on an 800x600 screen.  Galleries are organized by camera and specialized equipment used to take the photographs: Use the links on the left to access gallery pages which have small "thumbnail" images on them.  Click on any thumbnail using the mouse to see the image full-size (fills browser window).  Once on a full-size image you can go to the next full-size image in the gallery by using the link above or below the image.  The last full-size image from a gallery has a link for the next gallery page.  To return to the "thumbnail" gallery, just click on the full-size image with the mouse.  To bail out from the galleries use the link on the left for the main (home) page.

Some notes about the panoramics and virtual reality tours that interactively use panoramics:
The full-size panoramic image pages are set up to detect if you are using Internet Explorer and automatically download the Zoom Viewer plug-in from Live Picture's web site for Internet Explorer's ActiveX controls if it is not already installed.  This is a feature of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and the ActiveX controls that come with it.  Depending on your security settings Internet Explorer may ask you if you wish to accept the download and installation of the Zoom Viewer plug-in.  Answering YES allows the install to proceed and you will be able to view the panoramics interactively full-size.  It is a "one-time" installation.  Once installed it won't be installed again unless you deliberately delete it or reinstall Internet Explorer for some reason.  Answering NO aborts the download, installs nothing; feel free to do this.  Many people get nervous and are very cautious about letting sites on the internet install anything on their computer.  Being cautious is a Good Thing.  Without the plug-in though you will not be able to view the panoramics full-size.  Internet Explorer users should know that its ActiveX controls trying to download and install the plug-in Zoom Viewer from Live Picture's site is *normal* behavior.

Netscape doesn't do this automagically.  If you don't have the Netscape plug-in, you need to follow the link to Live Picture, download the Zoom Viewer plug-in for Netscape and install it.  As with Internet Explorer you can choose not to do this.  The result is the same as for Internet Explorer users.  Without the plug-in installed you will not be able to view the panoramics full-size.

For those familiar with Java, Live Picture does have a Java version of their Zoom Viewer.  I experimented with it and seriously considered setting the pages up to use it.  Decided not to use the Java version:

Also toyed with the idea of doing the panoramics in Apple Quicktime "QTVR" format.  It just doesn't work as well as Live Picture's plug-in and creating the panoramic composites in QTVR format is considerably more difficult for me.

 Have fun!
-- John