The Art of Photography 
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Other Resources

Below are a number of excellent links I've accumulated bookmarks for over time.  These are some of the best sites on the web about photgraphy.

Phil Greenspun's outstanding site about all topics of general photography.  You name it, if it's associated with still photography, this site has it.  I rate it as the best photography information site on the web.


Klaus Schroiff's superb German site (site is written in English) about general photography.  Includes general topics about how cameras, lenses, shutters, flash units work; rudimentary composition and style; and reviews of camera equipment.  I rate it as second best on the web.


Andrew Davidhazy's excellent site covering all manner of still photography technology.  If you want truly esoteric information, this is one place to look for it!  Andrew is a Professor at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).

Medium Format Articles

Interested in medium format?  Robert Monaghan's site is the first place to start looking.  More information in one place about medium format equipment and its usage than I've found anywhere else, and links to all sorts of other sites. - Your Online Guide to Photography teaches photographers how to make better photos. The site features great tips to improve photographic technique, camera comparisons, photo contests, a useful Q&A, free email newsletters and workshops, and expert help with digital imaging.

The Guide to Panoramas and Panoramic Phtography

Interested in panoramics?  This is one of the first places to start.  It contains tutorials, hits and tips, and an extensive review of stitching software to create composite panoramics.  Probably the best site on the net for composite panoramics.

Wide World of Panoramic Photography

Here's another very good site about panoramics.  Contains all sorts of links to more information about equipment and techniques used in panoramics, plus a link to the Panoramic Photography Club sponosored by Yahoo.

Short Course on Panoramic Photography

Yet another site about panoramics.  A crash course containing the rudiments of panoramic photography.