Please read the instructions!  After friends using Microsoft's Internet Explorer visited this page and asked me questions, information about Live Picture's "Zoom Viewer" was added to the instructions.
Text and images Copyright © 1999 John A. Lind
Microsoft Internet Explorer Instructions:  This page has been set up to detect a Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser and use the Zoom Viewer "plug-in" for its ActiveX controls.  If Live Picture's "Zoom Viewer" plug-in is not present, your browser will automatically download the plug-in from Live Picture's web site.  Depending on your security settings IE may inform you about this and ask if you wish to continue installing it.  Answering YES will allow it to install.  After it installs the zoom viewer will fire up and begin downloading the first panoramic.  It is a one-time install; you won't need to do it again.  Of course you can answer NO if you wish and please feel free to do so.  Internet Explorer will abort the download and not do anything with it.  Without the IE plug-in though you won't be able to see or interact with the full-size panoramic.

Netscape Instructions:  If you don't have Live Picture's "Zoom Viewer" plug-in you will need it.  Netscape will not automatically download and install the plug-in for you.  Click on the link to Live Picture's web site below to download the Netscape plug-in.  Of course you do not have to download or install the plug-in and please feel free to choose not to.  Without the Netscape plug-in though you won't be able to see or interact with the full-size panoramic.

General Instructions (applies to both IE and Netscape):  The opening image may be rotating on its own.  Grab it with your mouse and use the fourheaded arrow to move left/right/up/down.  Move around in the panorama and look for four-headed arrow to change to a  cursor over paths, sidewalks or steps in the panorama.  These are "hot spots" that lead to another panorama.  Click the left mouse button when the  cursor is visible and you will go to another panorama.  There are four panoramas total.  The first only has "hot spots" that allow going to the second as it is the beginning.  The fourth only has a "hot spot" that allows going to the previous (third) as it is the end.  The second and third each have more than one that allow moving to the next or the previous panorama. If you are lost, open up the toolbar by clicking on the small running man in the lower left corner.  Select the red "target" circles by clicking on them.  This identifies all "hot spots" with red "target" circles.  Have fun!

If you cannot view the photo
install the zoom viewer plug-in for your browser:
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